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Hogs and Beefs

For those that like to pack the freezer, we raise a limited number of hogs and beefs each year, either whole or half. We work with multiple local processors and take care of making your appointment and delivering each animal to the processor for you. Planning for each year's harvest begins in January, when we order feeder pigs and begin taking deposits on animals that will be delivered to processors the following fall (September - November). Almost 100% of our customers return each year; however, we expand a little every year and have a limited number of slots available for new customers. If you are interested, please reach out to us anytime to be put on a contact list! If you feel like purchasing a half or whole animal seems a bit overwhelming, check out our subscription service (Meat Monthly)


Woodland Hogs

We raise a few groups of hogs in the woodlands around our farm each year. We typically purchase feeder pigs in April, May, and June. Processing dates are scheduled in advance for September, October, and November. The swine spend most of their time in the woods, rooting up grubs, crunching on acorns, eating free choice grain, and laying in the shade. We have been blessed to find a few reliable breeders that provide a variation of crossed piglets, fast growing, lean breeds. We prefer the hybrid vigor of cross-bred hogs and piglets.

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Pasture-Raised Beefs

Our beef cattle obtain the majority of their nutrition from managed pastures. We graze our cattle moving them from farm to farm during the spring and fall and feed them high quality hay that we produce ourselves during the winter. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our inputs and increase productivity on grass. All of our beef cattle sent to slaughter are Black Angus or Black Angus cross. We are currently crossing our Black Angus Cows with a South Poll Bull and will be expanding our South Poll genetics in the future to increase our herd's productivity on grass. Click here to learn more about South Poll cattle.

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