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A Small Family Farm

Blue Tractor Farm, LLC is a family-owned farm in Middle Tennessee. We love the simplicity of life on the farm and teaching our children how to appreciate the land and animals around us. Here on the farm, we raise and sell registered Nigerian Dwarf goats, Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs, beef cattle, and woodland hogs. We're also enjoying breakfast with farm-fresh eggs from our ducks and chickens!

We acquired our farm and homesite in January of 2017 and had the opportunity to expand our property, purchasing the neighbor's parcel in March of 2022. We work with adjoining property owners and have two other farms leased. We are always looking for opportunities to expand! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you think there is an opportunity for us to work together.

Our current offerings are listed at the top of the website; however, we are always looking to expand our adventures.


Upcoming pursuits include:

Whole Broiler Chickens

Whole Thanksgiving Turkeys



If you have any questions about our current offerings, future offerings, or just want to chat about farming, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.



Telephone: 931-267-3137

Thank you!

Stephen and Cynthia Lee

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